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Music for special occasions


Make your wedding special with live music. A string quartet is the ideal accompaniment for a truly stylish wedding.

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Anniversaries, celebrations

Be it Christmas, Easter, religious and national holidays or anniversaries, the music can not be missing. Why do you think that string quartet is the music of sad people? Start the new year with happy waltz, polka and tango! Did you ever think, that there is string quartet music suitable for Halloween night?

See for yourself!

Exhibition opening ceremony, conference, etc.

Whatever the occasion, it is important that the guests, participants feel comfortable. Background music is perfectly suitable to resolve initial embarrassment, good-humored people talk more easily to each other, and business deals can be concluded more easily as well. During conferences, meetings, presentations or in the break between lectures the music inspires, relaxes and gives the participants new ideas.

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Classical music for everyone

Do you have a living room? Do you like listening to music?
How about if once the music wouldn't sound from the speaker? How about if real musicians with real instruments would play in your home just for you, your family and friends?
Chamber music does not require a concert hall - a room is enough. Experience the atmosphere of house music concerts with us.

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